Our Client's Feedback

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All that we do at Ardent Care centers on our fervent desire to benefit our valued client's. We count it a privilege to serve seniors. Here are a few of the stories that reveal how our agency is touching lives one by one.

The Mandolin

One of our clients was a man in his nineties. His family took good care of him, but they needed extra help. So Ardent Care was chosen to provide him with care-giving services. One day we received a call from the man's daughter. She said her father was not doing well. Lou and I  (Tom) drove to see him. He was lying on his bed and did not speak. 

I asked the daughter if I could play his mandolin. The gentlemen used to play it when he was younger. Although the instrument I was used to playing was the guitar, I was able to pick a little for him on the mandolin. In fact, I used to play my dad's mandolin, when I was growing up. We spent more time with him, prayed for him, and then we went home. 

We received a call the next day and learned that the man passed away the night before. I told her we were sorry for her loss. 

Later, we attended the wake. After viewing his body and offering our condolences, we were ready to leave, when the man's daughter asked we stay a little longer. The family soon gave a speech and thanked all those that had been part of the man's life over the years. After a few minutes, the daughter remarked about how Ardent Care had been there for her father. She told us that the family was giving us her father's mandolin. This gesture was touching and Lou and I both shed a tear. 

It is amazing to be a part of the families we serve. We count it a privilege and an honor. 

Linda L.

"Mother loves all of you! Although she cannot often remember names, she often tells us how much she enjoys all of you. Thank you so much for all your efforts."

Paul G.

"I wish to tell you what an outstanding service your staff conveyed to me and my wife. At all times everybody was courteous and pleasant in helping me to recover from my surgery."


"I am writing you this letter to express my appreciation to you and your staff, for the wonderful care you are providing for my mom. Flory, our Caregiver has been sensitive to my mom's personal needs. She is always on time and neat in appearance. She is not just a Caregiver but a companion as well. I am extremely impressed with the efficiency of your services. And thank you for all your house calls, just to make sure everything is okay."

Ken & Claudia

"Thank you all so much for being with us to celebrate Frank's life. You have been so caring and kind to my dad. Raul (your Caregiver) made all the difference in the world and made Frank's last days comfortable. They had a special bond as did everybody at Ardent - we can't thank you enough, words can't express our sincere appreciation."